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Aprilaire FAQ

HUMIDIFIER - How often should I change the Water Panel in my Aprilaire Humidifier?
For the best continued performance we recommend that the Water Panel be replaced once a year, either prior to the start or at the end of the heating season. (Aprilaire Model 400 should be changed twice during the heating season.)
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HUMIDIFIER - Why do I have to change my Water Panel on my Model 400 Humidifier twice a year?
To ensure peak performance the Water Panel should be replaced twice a season. Over time, the wicking capabilities (ability to draw water up the Water Panel) are reduced as minerals build up on the panel. The mid-season change means you will receive proper humidity throughout the humidification season.
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HUMIDIFIER - How do I properly install my replacement Aprilaire Humidifier Water Panel®?
The orientation of your Water Panel is important for maximum evaporation. Most Genuine Aprilaire Replacement Water Panels you purchase will have a paint dot or stripe on one of the short ends. This paint should be placed up, towards the water distribution tray, for proper operation. If your humidifier requires the #45 Water Panel, there will be no paint dot and the panel can be installed in either orientation.
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HUMIDIFIER - Should the Aprilaire Humidifier be connected to hot or cold water?
All of the flow-through units can be connected to either hot or cold water. Hot water increases the evaporative capacity of your humidifer, provides more humidity to the home and offers more flexibility in the operation of the humidifier. All humidifiers need some source of heat for evaporation to take place whether it is hot water or hot air. If the power unit is installed on the return ductwork, they must be connected to hot water, as this is their only heat source.

Heat pumps and large capacity installations need hot water. Heat pumps are not hot enough for evaporation and some larger installations need maximum capacity so they will need to use both hot air and hot water.

The Model 400 should be connected to cold water due to the wicking Water Panel as it cannot be guaranteed that the water will stay hot while waiting for the next heat call on the Water Panel. With any drain-though Aprilaire Humidifier connected to hot water, the heat in the water is used in the evaporation process and the water coming out of the drain will be cold to the touch.
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HUMIDIFIER - Can we use soft water or hard water with our humidifier?
Aprilaire humidifiers will operate properly with either hard or soft water. Connecting to hard water may leave mineral deposits on the Water Panel that are scaly and hard in nature. Connecting to soft water may leave mineral deposits that are fluffier in nature. The bottom line is the Water Panel will typically last a full heating season using either type of water
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HUMIDIFIER - How often should I clean the floats in the Model 400?
The simple maintenance of replacing the Water Panel and cleaning the scale control insert, floats and float chambers can be completed in less than 10 minutes. For proper operation, this is required twice a season.
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HUMIDIFIER - Why is there water draining from my humidifier?
All of the Aprilaire Flow-Through Humidifiers incorporate a self-flushing action. This action flushes many of the mineral deposits left on the Water Panel from the evaporation process down the drain. This also minimizes the amount of maintenance required
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HUMIDIFIER - How much water should be flowing out the drain of my humidifier?
The water going out the drain line serves the important process of flushing mineral deposits from the water panel. Depending on the model that you have in your home, it should take two and a half to five minutes to fill a one-quart jar. The actual time is determined by the water-metering orifice in your humidifier. If your humidifier has a yellow or white orifice (3 gallons per hour)it will take approximately five minutes to fill a quart jar and if it has a blue or red orifice (6 gallons per hour) it will take approximately two and a half minutes to fill a quart jar. The gallon per hour flow rate is if your unit ran contstantly for a one hour time period.
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HUMIDIFIER - Can I regulate the water flow to my humidifier at the saddle valve?
No. The saddle valve is not designed to regulate the water flow. The humidifier has a water-metering orifice that is designed to regulate the water flow to the Water Panel
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AIR CLEANERS - How often do I have to service the Aprilaire Model 5000 Electronic Air Cleaner, and what is involved in maintaining it?
The Aprilaire Model 5000 filter has a service life of one year. Maintenance is simple and requires no washing or vacuuming of parts, and the filtering media is conveniently disposable. Simply open the unit and replace the media in under 20 minutes with no tools required. All instructions are included on the #501 media carton.
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AIR CLEANERS - How frequently does the filter media need to be changed on the Aprilaire media air cleaners and what is involved?

The replacement filter media in the Aprilaire Air Cleaner as a rule should be changed about once a year. Maintenance is simple, and requires no tools, washing or vacuuming. Simply replace the filtering media - an operation that takes a few minutes. All instructions are printed on the carton.

Service can be simplified with the Models 2200 and 2400 with an Upgrade kit (#1213 for the Model 2200 and #1413 for the Model 2400). The upgrade kit elimantes the pleat spacers, plastic inner housing and makes service a snap!
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AIR CLEANERS - How is Space-Gard® different from Aprilaire?
There is no difference - only a name change. Space-Gard is the previous brand name of our current Aprilaire Media Air Cleaners. It has always been manufactured by Aprilaire and still uses the same replacement media filter
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